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When we were in Colorado, Jacquelyn and I got our photo taken at one of those Ye Olde Tyme photography places.  Below, ye shall see me as a wild west ruffian and Jacquelyn as a friendly saloon girl.  We went with the pose the photographers were pushing for - the more authentic I guess, but we both want to do this again and ham it up a bit.  We've even joked about this being a tradition and getting one of these every year :)
Behold! )

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Ann Landers Race for Multiple Myeloma Research

My girlfriend/lover/domestic compatriot/bane of my existence/love of my life/cutest lady in the world/[personal profile] antarcticlust is running her first 5k race on September 7th to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, whose work has improved the lives of those suffering from Multiple Myeloma.  She will be running with our dear friend [personal profile] brdgt who lost a brother to multiple myeloma last winter.  Please help her out and make a contribution and help her reach her fund-raising goal.

Here's the link in her journal and here's where to donate.

Thank you for supporting a good cause!
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on another fine

Have some cake!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] antarcticlust!



(All three are the same person!)
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I've recently started working Saturdays, during the UW Badger football games which, for lack of a better word, or rather, for lack of a more perfect word, are insane.  People come in from all over the state, and out-of-state for these games - not to mention a majority of the 40,000 UW students who all descend upon the area surrounding the stadium and clog the streets and parking lots with red and rowdy drunken antics.

Driving them around is great.  Trying to not run them over when they drunkenly cross the street against the light, yeah, not so fun.  The tips are great (I usually make three times the tips I make on a regular weekday) and the energy of a massive celebration is infectious.  I wish there was a home game every Saturday.  Ok, almost.

Yesterday, after work, Jacquelyn and I went to the Great Dane and quickly devoured some three-alarm buffalo wings and the Bard's Sampler, which consisted of skewers of marinated and grilled jumbo shrimp around homemade chorizo sausage, served with an assortment of fresh mozzarella and vegetables.  We drank quite a bit of their crop-circle wheat beer, which is probably my favorite beer of all time.  We had to hurry because we had to be at  The Bartell to see Art at 8:00.

It is a required performance for my Drama class and tomorrow I have to write a critique of the play.  My teacher was the director for this show and I have to say it was really well done.  The play, from what the interwebz tell me, is widely accepted as excellent, and the actors were intense and genuine.  The theatre was small, only 72 seats, so it was hard to be disconnected and objective, being so close to the actors.  This works to its advantage because the play revolves around three friends, discussing an all-white painting.  The setting is primarily one character's apartment, so there isn't a lot of action or scene changes to grab your attention.  The actors really needed you to be close and involved as an audience member.

Afterwards, we grabbed a piece of cake and a latte at Michaelangelo's just before catching the last bus home.  Almost every person we saw on the way home was arguing or ranting into a cell phone.  We decided there must be something in the air, or in the stars and when we got off the bus, there were something like five or six police cars at the house just down the street from us.  It was hard to tell what was going on because no one seemed to be out.  Odd indeed.

After four months of bicycling at the very least, thirteen miles a day, four days a week, plus whatever I do on my days off, I have finally started to lose weight.  Ten pounds so far.  I haven't really altered my diet at all ( not that my diet is really bad or anything), so this all seems to be stemming purely from an increase in physical activity.  Another advantage is that I've also stopped getting as many headaches and it's a lot easier to get up in the morning.  I actually feel kind of odd, like I'm forgetting something, if I don't get out and bicycle at least once a day.  The best advantage, methinks, is that I now have zero transportation costs.  I get a free bus pass through school and I bike, so I actually spend nothing to get around.  My mobility is a little limited, but I think it's definitely worth it to not know what the gas price is.  Oh yes, I've been car-free for over a year now.

I was feeling good and skinny today and snapped a photo this morning:

Okay, I'm off to bed, dear reader.  Tomorrow is a long day or reading, writing, cleaning, and procrastinating.
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Good morning.  Ok, so it's almost one in the afternoon, but I just finished breakfast so it's still morning to me.  Later I will head out for some errand-running and laundromat-visiting, but for now, I am procrastinating to the best of my ability.  Like playing around in Photoshop to make this portrait, this self-aggrandizing picture.

So now what, you ask?  What's going on?

I haven't been around much, I haven't even turned on my computer this week.  My power supply is all fucky so it takes upwards of a half of an hour to get it started.  Ethan started school this week and between family time and dinner and whatnot, I don't have the energy or time to sit around and get it up and going.  I've been checking in here and there with certain journals, but I haven't time to read everyone right now.  I've got my weekends to try and catch up, but it's just too much.  You people will just have to stop posting.  Not.

Everything has been great, actually.  Ethan is adjusting to his new school quite well, in fact it seems to be his favorite school and favorite batch of teachers yet.  His main teacher sent a note home informing me that he is an excellent student, very smart and quite creative.  I had a revelation about middle school as I dropped him off the other day.  There was a trio of girls walking down the sidewalk, obviously 8th graders  in the midst of puberty, appearing much more like high school students.  Directly behind them was another trio of girls yet to be pillaged by adolescent hormones.  They were small and looked like young children.  MIddle school is this strange place they put you for those most awkward years when we transform.  The middle school chrysalis, the junior high cocoon.

Jacquelyn has overloaded herself with coursework as usual, so she's sufficiently challenged and fretting.  We made a brief appearance at the Geography Department picnic.  I mostly talked with her advisor's wife about child-rearing.  I don't know jack-patooty about geography.  Most of the people seems to be broken off into little groups talking shop.  I felt sufficiently silenced by that, uncomfortable in the way of a family reunion where you barely know anyone and feel like you should talk to people but can't bring yourself to do so.

Afterward, we went to [profile] kiwikat and [profile] shevus' place to get caught up as we haven't talked to them in quite a while.  I had a headache from hell on top of major sinus congestion, so add that to a week of waking up at 5:30am, we didn't stay too long, but ties have been sufficiently reconnected, reconstructed and now I've seen some good videos of a guy juggling to music.  All is well in the world.

I just finished Oh The Glory Of It All by Sea Wilsey which was excellent.  I've started Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.  I've been a book devouring fiend.  I'm pretty much on schedule for my FIFTY BOOK CHALLENGE.  I'm going to shower and get motivated.  There's alot to be done before Ethan comes back from his mum's place, wo I must bid you adieu!
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As you can see by my previous post, or for those of you reading in reverse chronological order, the next post, I have made a separate post of my FIFTY BOOK CHALLENGE list which I will just update every time I finish a book rather than reposting the list every so often.

Good idea, methinks. Jacquelyn's idea. I stole it. Smart girl.

Jacquelyn is gone. To Vermont. She'll be back for a few hours on the 18th and then she's off again to Indiana for a research trip until the 24th or so. All in all, she'll be gone for about three weeks.

Why are you looking at me like that? I miss her, so what? You wanna fight about it?!

We kissed goodbye as she boarded a VanGalder bus headed for Chicago's Midway airport in a sleep-deprived blurry early morning.

As far as keeping myself busy while she's gone, I had the initial intention of starting a novel, but more and more ideas are coming to me about it every day now. It's solidifying in my mind in a way I've never experienced. Each day it expands and grows and I worry I should be keeping notes, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Perhaps I'll write a short story just to be practical. Maybe I'll have it be an audience participation piece. You offer up three characters, names, characteristics, likes dislikes and maybe a setting and I'll tackle it. Don't be a hog now, don't suggest the whole story, just a thing or two. Let everyone have a turn.

Speaking of which, when you were trick-or-treating as a kid 1) did you ever do the trick part for those who didn't cough up the treats? and 2) when those people left out the bowls that said "Just Take One!" did you ever 'just take one'?

Watched the film version of The World According to Garp. Because watching the book is boring unless you're turning the pages. John Lithgow plays a good tranny. I still can't get Robin-Williams-the-coke-fiend out of my head, so it was hard to imagine him as a young kid. He looked old even then. Read the book, it was so much better.

I also watched The Aristocrats. Hilarious if you're not offended by the most obscene humor you will ever hear. I suppose if I were going to tell this joke, I might tell it like this:

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For those Star Wars fans in my list, I present the best homemade lightsaber battle ever.  Everyone else, don't worry, this whole post won't be about Star Wars.  I promise.

Last night, I dreamt that I was at a funeral and a few people had brought guns with them.  This terribly white-trash guy had brought a big, ugly shotgun and was so impressed with the uber-futuristic machine gun that my father had brought, he asked to see it.  Once the hick had my dad's gun, he started firing off test shots.  I got up in his face, demanding that he stop that, it's a funeral, goddammit, you're gonna hurt someone.  When he wouldn't stop and kept firing more shots, I grabbed the gun, wrestled with him a bit, finally got it away from him and beat him to the ground.

When [profile] kiwikat and her hubby [profile] shevus were over the other night for enchiladas, we played a friendly and semi-competitive game of Scrabble.  Afterwards, I said, "I should take a picture of the board and post it."  Then followed the idea to start a Scrabble community called [profile] scrabbleshots where people post pictures of their end-of-game Scrabble boards.  You know, so you can see other people's games and see what interesting and unique words were used.  Get new ideas.  Memorize two letter words and q-without-u words.  You know, be kind of geeky.

We also decided that Q Without U would be a good band name.

I also had the idea for the ClogBlog, which would be a blog all about wooden shoes.  You know, the latest in clog technology, new woods and synthetic woods, care procedures, styles.  I suppose the ClogBlog could also be about clogs in your drains, but that's kind of gross and no one wants to see or hear about that.  Except things like rotten.com exist so apparently some people want to hear or see about nasty shit.  And by shit, I mean both literal and figurative.

In further geek news, we're teaching Ethan to play Dungeons&Dragons tomorrow.  I haven't played since I was about fourteen, so it's like re-learning for me.  Jacquelyn is going to run a campaign for Ethan and I.  I'm half-frightened, half-excited.  Good thing I've kept up with the D&D universe through my eternal love for Baldur's Gate II.

Before we play, I'm making egg and cheese biscuits with veggie sausage for breakfast.  Then we're watching Edward Scissorhands because, only God know how such a sacrilege occurs, neither Ethan nor Jacquelyn have seen it.

I said the whole post wasn't going to be about Star Wars.  I never said it was going to be geekiness-free.  Instead the geekiness is free.  I won't charge you a penny.  Though, I will accept gifts of paid account time.  Because that's not geeky at all.

Isn't it weird that the essential hot girl of every movie finds an opportunity to dress in something revealing/flattering/skimpy/sexy, no matter how inappropriate it is for what's going on?  Sorry, I've got Indiana Jones and the Raider's of the Lost Ark on and that girl was wearing an evening dress on a Nazi submarine.  Perhaps the word I'm looking for is 'incongruous'.

"I need some disbelief to suspend."

So, some of the geekiness of my post has been offset because I quoted Bright Eyes just now and I listened to a Decemberists CD today.  See, all that cool music and my unabashed love of all-things-geek and my general aura of irony make me so hipster I can't even deal.


Or I'm a compulsive liar and I've been making all this up and I'm really going to drink some Budweiser while I watch NASCAR tomorrow.


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