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I have always excelled in the artistic realms. Shortly before I graduated high school, I was offered a partial scholarship to an art school in New Mexico. I thought, "Hey, I'm good at art, I'll go to art school!"
The Whole Sorid Tale... )
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For all intents and purposes:
This is not
a poem,
I swear.
it sure looks
like one.
The Book is done, except for two or three footnotes which John has to write. Then we will begin the submission process. I'm not even going to admit that it might take a while to get it published. This Book will get picked up by one of the first five publishers we send it to, and they will love it and lavish us with praise and a hefty marketing budget.

Also in the writing realm, I just sent the editors of Clavicle my little contributor blurb, which reads:
"A writer and artist meandering around the Midwest, my work is often surreal and complex, hiding the deep and mythic behind a fat layer of absurdity. Though primarily a fiction writer, I've been known to bust out the occasional scholarly paper and a heaping, haphazard ton of poetry, but hey, you can call me a monolatrous mystagogue."
I just realized I'm going to have a weird, busy week in November. I get back the 9th or 10th from Vermont, I work that whole weekend right afterward, the first issue of Clavicle - my first real publication - comes out on the 15th, the new Harry Potter movie comes out on the 18th, our initial letters of interest for the Book will be sent to publishers that week, and I know I'm forgetting a brazillion things that also seem to fall on that week.


Anyhoo, it's time to get the wee lad up for school, so I bid you adieu.

*takes a bow, exits stage left*
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That's right! I have been accepted for publication in the premiere issue of Clavicle Magazine.

The had an open call for submissions in [livejournal.com profile] writers_guild and I thought, "WTF, why not?" and I sent them two short stories and three poems (2-3!) and the Senior Editor, Amanda, wrote back and said...

You have a really unique writing style and it's absolutely refreshing to read someone who completely shuns the stereotypical methods of fiction. It was a real pleasure reading your pieces... I'm very interested in printing "Frog Toads and Presidential Riddles", as well as "Revelation Chocolate", in our premiere issue... we look forward to receiving more writing from you in the future, as you are truly talented and a joy to read!

Hoo-effin-rah! It's a small magazine, it's initial launch, etc... so it's not a HUGE deal, but this IS my first official publication and since it *is* their premiere issue, they're choosing two of my pieces to debut it. So I'm just funking happy as all hell right now.

I'm not bragging, I'm sharing!


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