Oct. 7th, 2011

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I took my first Shakespeare exam.  I have no idea how well I did.  Probably not an F, which is good.  I have zero confidence this semester in all of my classes, except my writing workshop.  Maybe it's because I don't care about scratch marks on 3.1 million year-old bones or how Shakespeare used iambic pentameter in this one scene to portray a lofty sentiment.  And I find myself increasingly uninterested in being bilingual.

The only thing I'm enjoying so far is my writing workshop and after I get my first critique tomorrow, I may change my mind about that.  Not really.  I'm intensely aware of the failings of that particular piece and can take some solace in knowing that most of those failings are caused by the fact I took a novel-length plot and theme-set and contracted it into a nineteen-page story.  Why yes, I would love to explore that theme more, I would love to get into the background of that character?  You'd like to know more about that crazy father?  Sure – read the book in a few years.

I'm sitting on a patio in the back of the Education building.  I am surrounded by trees and dried leaves rushing through green grasses and the smell of the lake comes through with every gust.  Sometimes the sound of the wind and the chalky shifting of longboard skaters blend into one seismic frequency.  Behind me, teachers and future teachers are talking about how teachers are expected to perform larger and larger functions for our children but are afforded less and less resources to do so.

A Chinese woman just came up and asked me to read her petition to the courts concerning her divorce from her husband.  Her English was very good, but she was uncertain about her written language, particularly the legalese.  She was concerned with sounding proper and professional.  She did.  I didn't have to change anything she was worried about.  A few tense changes, but otherwise, it was a solid request for appeal.  Apparently two months after he brought her to America, he started beating and abusing her, and kicked her out after she called the police.  He got a restraining order against her, claiming that she was threatening to kill him and his family.  When she went to court for the divorce, her lawyer was abusive and yelled at her and would say things like "Go back to China!" and "You can't fire me!"

I talked to my sister today.  She too is dealing with an abusive ex and today her court order against him was denied because there was only one documented incidence of violence.  There were many more, but it took her a long time to build the courage to call the police on him.  They have a new born little girl together, so she has no choice but to deal with this guy, who has a long and violent criminal record, for two more months until her case comes up at family court.

Listen up, men.  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Knock it off.  Seriously.  This bullshit is so old.  You know why women say things like, "All men are assholes."?  Because of people like you, you fucking dick.  Fuck you.


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