Jul. 25th, 2011

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I was getting a strange yellow burn on the lower edge of my laptop screen, so I took it in to the Apple store. They replaced the screen, so I was without my computer for like a whole 24 hours. It was sort of hellish. Thank the CPU-gods for my iTouch so I could at least check my email while I waited. Not having my computer was like not having an arm.

Yeah, yeah, that's a first-world problem for sure. But hear me out:

Scientists have discovered that cognition has ranges. If you monitor your brain while someone slowly moving an object toward you, there is a part of your brain that lights up when that object gets within arms reach. Let's call that the affect-range. It's the range of the world you can affect. So, if someone gives you a stick, suddenly that affect-range doesn't end at the tips of your fingers. That part of your brain lights up when an object enters the range of your arm, plus the range of the stick. Your affect-range gets bigger.

Now, give someone a computer connected to the internet. Think about the size of your affect-range. In theory, you can alter events all over the planet. You have a somewhat limited, but still global affect-range. Now take that computer away. Your world shrinks.

Think about it.

In other news, I sort of learned how to brew beer on Saturday. I basically watched while some friends made beer, or to be specific, while Spencer taught Sam to make beer. I definitely think I want to give it a whirl myself. It's not as difficult as I thought it would be and mostly it requires a lot of patience since so much of it is waiting. I've got it in my head to brew a Belgian Tripel. I would call it Jack's Tripel Threat.



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