Mar. 10th, 2011

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Yesterday, the Republicans in our State Senate, with less than two hours notice, separated the collective bargaining provisions from the budget repair bill and passed them separately (because you need a quorum of 20 for fiscal measures, but only 17 for non-fiscal.) For weeks now, Scott Walker has been saying he will not negotiate on the fiscal measures of the bill and thus the collective bargaining aspects were non-negotiable. But yesterday, in the usual hypocrisy we've come to expect, Team Walker changed their minds, declared the bargaining rights non-fiscal and called for a vote. The people could not get a public hearing on this new bill because 24-hours notice is required, which we obviously could not give since the vote was announced with less than two hours notice. The doors to the Capitol were locked and blocked before the 6pm vote, so no more protesters could get inside, but thousands rushed to the Capitol anyway. The bill passed 18-1 and in thirty minutes undid fifty years of labor relations.

The people have re-taken their house, the Capitol if once more full of sleeping protesters who plan to be there as the bill moves to the Assembly at 11 this morning. If the Assembly convenes and passes this bill, there is no doubt Scott Walker will sign it into law.

The repercussions of this bill? There will be a general strike. Public workers and others in solidarity will withhold their labor. The state will come to a standstill. The eight Republican Senators currently available for recall will be recalled. Late this fall, when Scott Walker can be recalled, he will be recalled. The next election cycle is going to sway heavily to the left as this Republican overreach continues to backfire.


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