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Oh, Twothousandandseven, is it time for you to leave so soon?  I've not tired of scribbling your name on my checks and paperwork!  We have unfinished business to attend to!  What is that you say?  Your baby brother, Twothousandandeight is coming over?  Sweet.

I don't have the words for a post so I'll post some pictures instead.  Mostly of Christmas loot.  I received Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD from Ethan and The Ralph McQuarrie Concept Darth Vader from [personal profile] brdgt and [profile] strangedasein, which rules.  My father and his wife are coming over on Sunday, so I'm not sure what they've gotten me.  Hopefully no more candles.  Jacquelyn got me some lovely things which will be chronicled in pictoral format below.

We're going to grab some brunch and run to the yarn store.
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According to the Urban Dictionary, yesterday was Christmas Adam and today is Christmas Eve. I was awoken at 5am by the cats going crazy. Turns out they couldn't wait to open their gifts, new catnip sacks particularly.

Since I have to work tomorrow morning, we're going to open presents today sometime. I still have one gift for Jacquelyn to get, which means shortly after I write this message, I'm going to sneak out of the house and leave her and the boy to scavenge breakfast. Everything else is already under the tree, as we no longer have any Santa-believers in the house.

One day when Ethan was in fourth grade, on the way home from school, he says to me, "Dad, I don't think Santa's real."

"Oh?" I replied, "What makes you think that?"

"Well, I was thinking about it and... it just doesn't make any sense. I'm right aren't I?"

"Yes, son, you're right."

"And the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, they're not real either, are they?"

"Not that I know of, son."

He raised his fists in the air in mock anguish, "EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE!"

Here is the tree with all the loot. You can click for a high-res version full of lotsa details.

Have a happy holiday, whatever your particular solstice-inspired holiday. The days get longer from here, as we move back toward the light. Much love to you, dear readers.

Jack Shoegazer

P.S. Jacktopia has grown so large it now need people to visit it to make a transportation system. I still have no idea what the point is.
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Since Jacquelyn and I aren't spending Christmas with either of our relatives, this is the first year, we've been home, and thus, our first Christmas Generic Solstice-Derivative Gift Exchange Ritual tree.  It's a balsam fir.  It's smells delightful and covered my hands in sap as I carried it indoors.  We decorated it with wooden beads and lights and owls and birds and penguins and pine cones and candy canes and Yoda and the Bumble and a big brass star.  Pagan heathens, we are.

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I spelled it wrong.



I'm not going to tell you everything to type, she said.

Especially if you spell things wrong.

When do cliches become cliche? When is it cliche to say something is cliche?

When does novelty become novel?

How long until parody and satire are immediately applied to everything?

She is a cricket on my shoulder and I cannot shoosh her.

I did it again, she said.

But no one will know because I fix it.

But she knows.

And my eye smelled my finger as it wiped away a crumb and it smelled like garlic.

Everything had garlic.

I cut up garlic and ginger.

Mary Ann was nice and begged for her life.

I said no one will get it.

But she got it.

I bet you think I'm high but I'm not.

Not even drunk.

But I'm blah and that's like a drug too.

She said it's worse.

I have a bad Seether song in my head and I am not happy about it.

She said that's cliche.

Haha, Sayid said.

Ok, it's just for breathing and my neck is cramped.

So good night and new year and monkey love.

She said it's a sad post.

I say no one will read the whole thing anyway.

But she read it because she watched as I wrote it.

Does that count?
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Ah, dear reader, welcome back. I've been neglecting you as I've not felt the urge to expel the recent developments of my life, as there really haven't been any. I worked through Generic Solstice-Derivative Gift Exchange Ritual, Jacquelyn and I exchanging gifts in the morning after I got home, before I slipped off to SleepyTimeDreamLand. Being poor, we went spare of the lavish gifts, but we seemed to zero in on things we both desperately wanted. Being as such, I received a lovely money clip, as I hate wallets and had been using a large binder clip instead. I presented Jacquelyn with a ceramic tea kettle, which effing rules as a double pot/kettle which you can put right on the burner because ceramic rules.

Later Jacquelyn bought me this an amazing leather jacket, which we could not leave at the store because, as [livejournal.com profile] kiwikat said, it looks like I was born in it. I'm assuming that means it looks good, and not that it's wrinkled and covered with blood and amniotic fluid. Jacquelyn's parents also sent me a gift card which I used to purchase an amazing hat, which is amazing in its own right. See, I've never owned more than one hat at a time, same with necklaces and sunglasses. Though I would like to have a collection of these items, I rarely am able to find another of said items before my current one goes the way of the dinosaurs. Yes, I mean dead and fossilized, or occasionally roaming a remote Amazonian jungle or Scottish loch. Kat also gave me a gift certificate which I used to purchase a t-shirt blatantly advertising A&W root beer. Usually I avoid advertising, but I like it so shut up.

Yes I realize this is quite the self-indulgent hey-look-what-I-got post, but you know, deal with it and look what I got! Yes, it's a picture of me with all my new stylish duds. I told you I was being self-indulgent.

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It's Christmas Eve, so of course I was thinking about the Myth of Oedipus. (No, there's really no connection. I was being contradictory.) I will summarize for those unfamiliar and those who want the full story can follow the link above.

Oedipus goes to the Oracle who says, "Dude, you're totally gonna kill your dad!" Naturally, Oedipus thinks this is pretty fucked up, so he runs away so he won't be anywhere near his dad. While traveling, he meets a stranger, gets into a fight and kills him. Then he goes and hooks up with dead-dude's wife. Eventually he discovers that the dude he killed was his dad and he's been fucking his mom. Oedipus then stabs out his own eyes in horror and banishes himself.

Now, Freud says that this myth means that all men want to kill their fathers and fuck their moms.

What the fuck is wrong with Freud?

Anywhere in the story does it seem like this is something that Oedipus is looking for? He didn't get up one morning and say, "Hey, I'll go see the Oracle and maybe that crazy witch will give me some good news! Like I get to stab my dad with my sword and my mom with my cock!"

Is it not much clearer as an allegory for the inescapable pull of one's destiny? Try as you might, you can't fool the Fates, you can't avoid your destiny. Fight all you want, but you get pulled along anyway, and because you fought all the way, you will find nothing but discontent where you may have found contentment instead. Does this not teach us to embrace our destiny, to follow our unique life's orbit? A Wise One in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series says that we must learn to ride fate. Wouldn't you rather be surfing atop the events of your life, rather than always being tossed about, churning in the undertow?

Perhaps Freud had a hot mom, a MILF if you will. And his father was a very strict and authoritarian Jew. Between Freud's everything=sex theorizing and his personal correspondence between with Carl Jung, it becomes clear that dear Sigmund was quite hung up on sex, even unwilling to discuss his own sex life in analysis. So it is not surprising that Freud would pull this most immoral and distressing interpretation out of a simple metaphor about fate. What strikes me as surprising is how wide-spread and accepted this interpretation is and how much psychological damage has been done to the personal unconscious and sexual identity and of the Western world because of it.

Happy Holidays!
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Eris, the wee kitten of chaos, discord and rubber band digesting, is home and doing fine. She spend twenty-four hours at the emergency vet getting IV fluids and being vocal. Apparently at 2am, she was caught chewing on her IV tube so they put on one of those blue funnel collars on her. When they brought her out to us, she looked quite silly with her giant blue ring on her neck and one front arm shaved where they had to insert the IV. She was quite happy to see us and after much freezing while trying to catch a bus way down by Greenway, we are home again.

Wee Princess Fox Face finally pooed out the offending obstruction last night, and has been very playful and happy. She's napping right now, curled in the bottom of a sleeping bag. Even Figaro, Jacqui's six-year-old cat is more receptive to Eris now, though she still hisses at him, while he's trying to be nice. Right now, he's sleeping in the back of the closet while the coveted window seat on the radiator goes unused.

I was supposed to go back to Watertown last night, but I stayed another night to help Jacquelyn out with the kitten until we were sure she was going to be all right. I hitch a ride with my roommate Brian at noon today and I will be back in the Madtown on Tuesday sometime.

My car is still in repair, mostly because I haven't been hassling them about getting it fixed since I don't have the money to pay for it right now anyway. It looks like I'll be leaning on the generosity of friends and the Madison Transit System for a week or two yet.

I don't have money for the Generic Solstice-Derivative Gift Exchange Ritual, so I will only be buying for Ethan this year. The rest of my family are going to get a This-is-how-my-year-went letter. It's old-fashioned and tacky, so I think they'll be completely mystified, which is exactly how I like them. Just when they think they've got me figured out, WHAM! Something completely out of the ordinary, and for me the ordinary is pretty far our to begin with.

P.S. I am totally psyched about the increase of user icons. I will be photoshopping all weekend. Prepare and beware!


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