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Assignment: 500 word short-short story.

Time Again

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For my chemistry class (a non-major chemistry class, which I am beginning to regret taking) I have to do a project on three elements. One of the things that I needed to do for this project was "something creative - a poem, collage, song, etc... yours or someone else's."  So, rather than dig around the internet for a poem about tin, tellurium, or xenon, I wrote one.  It's not exactly about tin, but it plays a prominent part.

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So, I've got a question for you: eyes on planet Earth have evolved to pick up what we call the visible spectrum, approximately 400-700nm.  This happened because of the particular frequencies that are emitted from our sun.  Now, imagine a sun that emits a totally different set of ranges on the spectrum.  If intelligent life evolved on a planet around that sun and their eyes evolved to pick up different wavelengths, say way up in the 1400-2000nm range, what would they see if they came to Earth?  What would they look like to us?  What would we see on their planet?

No, I'm not stoned.

We're covering the electromagnetic spectrum in both chemistry and climate, so I've been thinking about this quite a bit this week.

I need to get some lunch and read up on photo developing, which we will be doing in photography today.

Thus far, I am only enjoying my photography and weight-training classes.  My sciences can suck a bag of dicks.  It's mostly the instructor's fault in both classes.  I love the material, but the operandus modi of the teachers makes me want to pull out my hair, weave it into a nice rug, and lay down and take a nap on it.

Playing with the spectrophotometer was pretty cool though.
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Class Description Units Grading Grade Grade Points
801 20801240 Creative Writing 3.00 Graded A 12.000
804 20804201 Intermediate Algebra 4.00 Graded A 16.000
809 20809211 Macro Economics 3.00 Graded A 12.000
809 20809283 Cult Anthro & Hum Diversity 3.00 Graded A 12.000
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Today, I registered for fall classes.  I'm running out of good classes to take.  I'm basically down to the few requirements I haven't filled yet.  I'm taking chemistry, which fulfills my physical science plus a lab requirement and weight training to fulfill my physical education requirement.  Otherwise next spring, I have to take a composition class and a speech class and I am finished.  Anything else is just electives I have to round out my schedule with.  So to round out my fall, I'm taking photography and a weather/climate class.  This will be the first semester since I went back to school that I haven't taken a social science.  After next spring, this time next year, I'll be finished and getting ready to transfer over to UW-Madison to finish up my BA.  And I'll have to pick a major.  Fuck.  I have no idea what I'm going to pick.
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Here is my latest short story for my creative writing class.

Genesis )
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This assignment was to pick a shape/element/trope of fiction and write a story based on it.  I chose A Day in the Life, which consists of not necessarily a day, but a very specified time period and write what transpires in that time period.   Here is mine.



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  Description   Grade  
  Intro to Literature   A  
  Classical Mythology   A  
  Environmental Issues   A  
  Abnormal Psych   A  

Three semesters of straight A's.  I wonder if I can pull off four?  Hmmmm...
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Between Figaro getting sick and the snowstorm on Tuesday, I haven't been to class in a week.  My head has not been in school space for so long, I thought I'd lost my focus and was not looking forward to class at all.

Luckily, awesomeness is abound and school is good again.  I got 100% on my abnormal psych paper on schizophrenia and religion.  I am doing so well in my lit class that I could not even show up for the final and still get an AB.

I am now off to get a placement waiver so I can take algebra next semester.  Then lunch & reading for Environmental issues.  And the Odyssey.  Crap.


P.S.  I got waived into my algebra class. Now let's hope my brain is still wired for it and all those old formulas and rules come flooding back.  So it is official - next semester is Cultural Anthropology & Human Relations, Creative Writing, Macroeconomics, and Intermediate Algebra.  What the eff am I thinking?!
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Some of you expressed interest in reading this paper when it was finished, so I'm going to post it, locked of course.  It's not as good as I imagined, but then, I had to keep it around five pages, so I couldn't be as grand and all-encompassing as I had wanted.  Enjoy a peek into my brain.

Being Crazy Doesn’t Mean I’m Wrong )

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Today was schizophrenia day in abnormal psychology.  I think I talked more today than any other the whole semester.  Who knew I knew so much about schizophrenia?  I never realized how many schizophrenics I've met.  We also got our last test back; I got a nice and solid A.

No lunch today, reading the Odyssey instead.  I keep wanting to spell it Oddyssey. I wonder if anyone's ever written a farcical version and called it that.

All day yesterday, I kept thinking "Tomorrow is Friday."  I was wrong, because it's Thursday.  However, all day I feel very somber and disconnected, like I'm dreaming, or living in a day that doesn't exist.  I'm tired.  I want a nap.

I had to drop East/West Worldview and so my whole schedule has gone wonky on me.  I'm still waiting to hear back from Admissions about my algebra class.  I'm taking Macroeconomics instead of Microeconomics, and have added Cultural Anthropology & Human Diversity.  I still have a death grip on Creative Writing.  I'm still waffling on Yoga.

Today needs to not exist.  I'm not feeling it at all.  Be nice to me world, I feel fragile today.  Fucking Odysseus, here I come.

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My lit class got cancelled so I have an extra hour or so to read Oedipus Rex for my mythology class. I am going to go do that now. After these important messages:

Here are the polling graphs for the swing states. You can see quite a clear trend going on.

Please, go vote! If you live in one of the thirty states with early voting, go vote early. It may seem like Obama's destined to win, but there is massive voter suppression going on.  We need every single vote.  In this election, every vote is important - every vote might not get counted but every vote will count.

Because this is the kind of shit we have to contend with:
The oldest trick in the book: Phony board of elections flier tells Virginia Democrats to vote on November 5.

The Virginia Pilot reports today that a phony Virginia Board of Elections flier is being distributed in Hamption Roads, VA telling Democrats that they are now scheduled to vote on November 5. The flier falsely claims that "an emergency session of the General Assembly" adopted a new voting schedule to "ease the load" at polling places on election day.

The give-away? The Virginia State Board of Elections actually knows how to spell electoral.

source: think progress/The Virginian-Pilot

Seriously people, there's only one week left and this will most likely be the most important election of our lives.  Unless you're planning to move to the Himalayas and become a monk, which will be very a crowded place if McCain and the Evil Lizard Republitards steal this election.

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In one hour I will take my six-foot tall thirteen year-old to register for eighth grade. This is his last year of middle school. This time next year, I will be taking him to register for high school. I remember when he was a tiny baby and pooped on me. Where does the time go?

On a side note, my fall semester starts next Tuesday. I'm taking twelve credits, which is technically full-time. I've got Intro to Literature, Abnormal Psychology, Intro to Mythology, and Environmental Issues. I'll also still be working thirty hours per week. If I vanish a bit, you'll know why.
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I filled out my FAFSA and registered for my fall classes today.  I'm upping the ante in this education gamble and registered full-time, thirteen credits.  I'll still be working thirty hours per week, so we can pray that I can pull this off and maintain my four-point-oh.  My fall schedule will be as thus:

  8:00-9:15.....Abnormal Psychology
9:30-10:45.....Intro to Literature
12:30-1:45.....Classical Mythology
  2:30-4:20.....Environmental Issues

I am simultaneously excited and horrified.
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Spring 2008
Description Grade
English 1 A
Intro Sociology A
Intro To Film A
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The last major assignment for my English class is a research journal. Today, with much coaxing (I gave out five of the twenty suggestions) the class compiled a list of possible topics and people started choosing. I was going to do Creationism/Intelligent Design because I am truly baffled by it. (Seriously, even if there is some great Creator/Designer, how does that fit into Science? It DOESN'T. It doesn't matter one little bit who or what created the processes that made everything, the fact is that the processes exist and those can be scientifically observed. The giant tinker in the sky cannot.)

However, I think I'm going to go off-the-wall a bit and do mine on Atlantis. Since the only real evidence for actual Atlantis is a little blurb in one of Plato's notebooks, I'm going to try and run in the metaphoric/metaphysical direction, concentrating on why people love to believe in some past Golden Age or Eden. What does it mean and what does it say about our psychological make-up.

The idea of a golden past, a missing center, is especially interesting to me as I wrap up The Crying of Lot 49. I was unenthusiastic earlier, but the last half or so has gelled in a very beautiful way. It shares a theme or at least a vein with Foucault's Pendulum and several other books I've read in that the central mystery is never actually spoken of, it is only mentioned in metaphor. The whole narrative dances around it, like a bird that flies past your head so close and so fast, you only catch a fragment, but somehow you know what it is.

The esoteric aspects of many religions and spiritual traditions are like this as well. The idea of God or one's Holy Guardian Angel, or the Tao, are concepts so huge, so all-encompassing that they cannot exactly be grasped by the mind. The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao. If you can think of God, that is not God, but a concept of God. The "reality" is always bigger, so their literature dances around the main mystery, it hints and jabs and feints toward it, leading you nearer and nearer, but it is like a bright light at the edge of your vision - you can feel the heat and your surroundings are illuminated but you never quite see the light itself. If you ever manage to look directly into the sun, it is blinding and the image fades and you spend the rest of your life trying to recapture that image burned in your retina.

On a more mundane note, while discussing the global-warming/carbon/petroleum/apocalypse issue in sociology today, I equated the battle between corporations and the green/renewable movements to the good guy and the bad guy battling it out in a speeding train that's headed off a cliff.  Eventually one of them has to win - either we switch to renewable energy or we burn the oil up until either we run out and civilization collapses/climate change kills us off.  If the good guy doesn't win, we're going off that cliff.  I thought that was a good metaphor.  I'm sure someone else has used it but I invented it independently.  I'm tired of inventing things independently.  I once wrote a story for a 6th grade Don't Drink/Alcohol is Bad program only to discover later it was the the plot for a Family Ties episode.

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We're diving into education and media in sociology. After our group discussions, the class-wide discussion devolved into an argument on how valid grades are. Some people were arguing that grades don't mean anything and that they shouldn't be attached to someone's self-worth. I argued that grades are important signifiers within "the system" and are necessary and that it is up to the individual to choose whether to place meaning on them.  I don't walk around with my report card pinned to my shirt and expect people to think I am a good person because I got A's.  In a society, in a bureaucracy, we don't have the time to sit down and have nice chats with everyone.  We need systems and stratifications, we need ways to measure performance.  You may not like the rules of a racing video game and prefer to drive all wonky all over the place, but unless you go the prescribed route, you're not going to score anything.  The meaning of which, is completely up to you.  If you don't play the school-game well, then it's awfully stupid to attach your self-worth to a grade.

My English class was about ten minutes.  We are doing individual consultations with the teacher to see how we're doing and where we're going.  I was first and the meeting basically consisted of, "Jeremy, it's pretty obvious that you're a writer and that's what you should be doing.  Do you have any questions?"  That was pretty awesome.

I have to go watch Hitchcock's Spellbound at 3 for my film class.  I just took a test in there on Tuesday, which I think I aced.  I keep reminding myself that my classes will get a lot harder.  In sociology, one of the topics we talked about was why we go to school.  I said that I got tired of thinking of something and finding out someone already thought of that fifty years ago.  So I'm here to learn everything.  And write about it.
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My spring break is officially over.  My spring break contained a day in which we received eight-to-ten inches of snow and put us over the 100-inches-for-the-year mark, two days after the equinox.  Lovely.  Today, I have to get back in the school-groove.  Shouldn't be too hard, except I have a lot of work to do, which I could have done over break, but alas, I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I have a test in Sociology, including five essays on Thursday and I have to do research for a five-page persuasive/argument paper for English on the advantages of a one-world government/currency.  I'm not worried.  Look at my mid-term grades:

Mid-Term Grade English 1 A
Mid-Term Grade Intro Sociology A
Mid-Term Grade Intro To Film A

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Is it really possible to viscerally hate someone you've barely exchanged four words with?  This will be a vitriolic rant; be warned.

I fucking hate, I mean HATE this guy in my English class.  He never pays attention to what's going on in class, constantly wears earbuds and holds up the class when he's called on since the teacher has to reexplain everything to him.  The first day of class he called himself an "artist" and yet from what he's shared in class, is a complete shit writer.  He's the guy who is doing the large peace signs and "STOP ALL WAR" scrawls in chalk on the buildings downtown near campus.  He goes on rants about how he hates Hillary Clinton, even going to a talk Chelsea did, heckling her and holding up a sign saying, "HILLARY IS PRO-WAR."  When Mike Huckabee was in town, his campaign bus right across the street from my school, he ran outside and started screaming about Huckabee being a racist and a fascist and a couple dozen other words I'm sure he only vaguely knows the definitions of.  When he ran out of vague pejoratives, he started going on about how Huckabee is at least better than John McCain.  Today in class, same as usual, not paying attention, et cetera, general annoyances, but then someone asked about where to vote in today's primary and he starts going off about how he went to the polls and got a ballot then tore it up in front of the poll workers and threw it away and then started bleating, "Baraaaaaaack Obaaaaaaama."  The guy is a fucking moron, thinking he's so nonconformist and independent a thinker and is one of those people who will accuse anyone with an opinion nearing popular thought to be uneducated and brainwashed, yet his own beliefs are such obvious repetitive talking points and prejudices.  Everything about him makes me want to punch him in the face.  After his Obama bleating, I said "What a fucking moron." to myself and I think a few people heard me since a couple turned and smiled.  I am going to have a very difficult time being objective when we start workshopping our writing.


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In my English class the other day, we had to break up into groups of four or five and take turns reading our latest paper, two or three pages on either The Election or The Meaning of Life.  I sat down and wrote this at breakneck speed in the hour before class; I didn't even take the time to edit.  As I read it, people from other groups stopped their own readings and turned to listen to mine.  Afterward several people came up to me to tell me how awesome/amazing/et cetera my piece was.  I tried not to blush but it was hard since I was already a little flushed and red from reading to an audience.  Anyway, the piece is under the cut.


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