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This week's Photography Experience™ theme is the Seven Deadly Sins. Under the cut is my entry for Day Two plus some other pictures I took while out-and-about today.

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This week's Photography Experience™ theme is the Seven Deadly Sins. Under the cut is my entry for Day One plus some other pictures I took while out-and-about today.

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I think, in order to cut back on the amount of photos I post in here, I will only post my Photography Experience™ photos in [profile] photog_xp.  You'll just have to join up there to see them.  Or ask nicely for me to continue posting them here.  Somehow, I get the impression that most of you signed on to my journal when I was posting words instead of endless photos.  Plus, if you join up at [profile] photog_xp, you can see other people's take on the same theme, as well as vote for themes, and even partake if you're into that sort of thing.  It isn't just for photographer-photographers, we've got people who post with their camera phones.  It's a good time.  Seriously.

Anyhoo, here are some photos I took over the last few weeks that didn't fall into the Photography Experience™ theme.  I like them.  They are good.  Take a look.

I beat Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, finally.  I'm in a bit of shell-shock now that it's finally over.  Jon Irenicus, really dead?  Really?  On the bright side, I know I missed a lot, so I can play it again.  I think I'll try out an evil character.  Plus, I've got Throne of Bhaal to get through.  Hell?  Sarevok?  Hello!
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Ethan saw my animated picture and asked for one of his own.

Silly boy.
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Ethan and I had a really great conversation while we were cleaning the house this evening.  He asked me a lot of questions about gods and goddesses and spirituality and imperialism and history.  He said he was glad he has a smart, educated father and not an idiot father.  That was nice to hear.
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Taking A Page From The Bunnyman


Today, work was odd.  I had a lot of drunks for a Wednesday.  One was a regular who can barely walk who told me he graduated from East High in 1967.  He made a joke about how our company's radio jingle should include the phrase "takes you from one bar to another."  He said he turns 60 in January and he's gonna smoke 60 bowls of weed and drink 60 shots of Jack.  "Mmm-hmmm, yeah, mmm-hmmm," he said.

The other I picked up from the hospital because she was riding two scooters at the same time, towed by a car and fell.  She'd been drinking all night and was still drunk in the morning when she decided to try her little stunt.  As we drove past East High she told me she graduated from there in 1980.  Oooh, synchronous.  I don't know why, the drunks love me.  I think it's because I give them shit.  The woman told me she liked the way I talked.  Said I sounded smart and funny.  That's good, right?

Here's the recipe for those margarita cupcakes.  The recipe is vegan, but you can use real milk and whatnot in the same amounts.  Oh, add a lot more powdered sugar to the frosting, like double is what you probably need.  Also, the frosting recipe makes about twice what you need for a batch of twelve, so you can halve that or double your cupcakes.  I used a lot more lime zest than it calls for, but that's just me.
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This summer, I'll be working 6:45am to 3pm. While that means I have to leave the house an hour earlier, it also means I am home much earlier. I think I'm going to like it.

Jacquelyn is heading off tomorrow to give a talk/poster of her research. She'll be gone the rest of the week.

Ethan and I helped Jacquelyn start her community garden plot. A lot of tomatoes, mostly heirloom varieties, squash, zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers, and peppers. Ethan requested his own jalapeño plant and thus he received. The initial work was hard but from here on, it shouldn't be too bad. Weekly watering and weeding. There was something good about working in the dirt, even if simultaneously I hated being dirty.

[livejournal.com profile] brdgt's birthday party was a blast.  I learned of a weird game called Ladderball, which led to many inappropriate jokes about dangling balls.  There was a ton of food and drink and all of it very yummy.  I made Jacquelyn's margarita cupcake recipe, which I did up extra-lime-y and were well received.  Bridget is officially the coolest hostess of all time.  I'll be editing and posting pictures soon.

I got a letter from my school. I received a 4.0 for my first year. I'm on the Dean's List n' shite.

Huge thunderstorms are on the way, I can feel it. I meant that literally, not metaphorically.
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Church With the Red Door

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I was terribly busy yesterday and didn't get to post these,  These were all shot-from-the-hip or by pretending I was taking pictures of other things.  This is the Farmer's Market on the Square.
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Walking Man and the Empty Spot

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In other news, my house has developed a ghost cat. I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye and as I turn my head to see which of my live cats it is, it vanishes or runs away. More accurately, most likely, I have trained my perceptions to recognize cat-shaped visual anomalies which my brain then translates into a cat, and thus believes it is seeing a cat, but when further investigation debunks this supposed-cat, I get to watch a mental construction vanish and reality set in. I am not seeing a ghost of a cat, I am seeing the ghost of perception.


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