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Ethan has been to a few school dances before, in middle school, but those were right after school, during the day and not formal at all.  Last night, Ethan went to his first Homecoming dance.  He had a date (a friend from cross-country, nothing serious, just friends, he says) and it was from 8:30 to 11pm.  Afterward, he spent the night at a friend's house.  I know the kind of trouble I got into unsupervised when I was young and I worry so much.  I shouldn't, but I do.  A bit hypocritical, I suppose.  He seems to be in with a good crowd (cross-country athletes, piano players, and blues guitarists) and he can't be any stupider than I was at fourteen.  Sometimes it is easy to allow him his independence and accept his teenageriness.  Others, I am reminded that I have less than four years left with him, before he is an adult and autonomous.  This is the home-stretch, the last inning, and every day I have to let go a little bit more.

Three More )

Here are some pictures I snapped before he left for the dance.  I learned how to do the Ediety, or the Atlantic knot for his tie.  In some ways, this makes me a bit sad, because I never had these moments with my father and it leaves me wondering if he felt this way as I got older.  So often he seemed so oblivious to me (and my siblings) as if we were just noise, a buzzing bee, interrupting a summer nap.  A wave of the hand, and all is quiet again.
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Here are some of the photos from my vacation to Vermont (which included side trips to New Hampshire and Boston.) Ethan, Jacqui, and I had a great time over all. The main purpose was for Jaqcqui's brother Josh's high school graduation. However, it is also probably the last time we will visit Vermont before Jacqui's mom moves away and Jacqui loses her Vermont anchor. Her brother is going off to Norwich. This was also the first time she saw her step-dad since he and her mum split, so there was also some stress and sadness.

On a lighter note, we brought Jacqui's kayak back to Wisconsin and I am really excited about that. I got to add two more states to my traveled-to list (Connecticut and Massachusetts.) I rode my first subway. Technically saw the ocean. (It was foggy and across a bay.) All in all, I hope Jacquelyn lands a job in New England somewhere. The landscape is just amazing - even though I was glad to get home, I was kind of sad looking out at boring-flat-Wisconsin. Anyway, here's some prettiness. More will get posted in [livejournal.com profile] jackart later on.


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Figaro went for an adventure this morning. He's been doing a lot better lately - he's on steroids and medicine for his thyroid, on a grain-free diet, and taking vitamin-B supplements. He's still weaker than he was, but he is very alert and active now.

Here's some photographic evidence of his adventure. )
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When we were in Colorado, Jacquelyn and I got our photo taken at one of those Ye Olde Tyme photography places.  Below, ye shall see me as a wild west ruffian and Jacquelyn as a friendly saloon girl.  We went with the pose the photographers were pushing for - the more authentic I guess, but we both want to do this again and ham it up a bit.  We've even joked about this being a tradition and getting one of these every year :)
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Howdy, peoples! Here's the last batch of photographs from my trip to Colorado. Mountains and penny arcades. Good times!

Colorado! )
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Under the cut, you'll find pictures from the Wedding portion of our trip to Colorado last week. (God, did we really just get back a week ago?!) Jacquelyn took a lot of these, as I was asked to videotape the service, so my photo hands were tied. I don't want to steal Jacquelyn's thunder with this post, so I've left most of the pictures for her to post and I'll let you know when they go up. In the mean time, here's the few I took or edited. Enjoy!

Liturgical Catholic Service )

Next time, all of the Colorado site-seeing we did the next day while driving from Pueblo back to Denver.
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The always-fun [livejournal.com profile] photog_xp has been relaunched and this week's theme is SIGNS. Thus, I had the camera while out and about today. Here is my entry for Day One and beneath the cut, some of the other photos I took today. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 10th, 2009 )

Thank you.
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I wasn't kidding when I said I took a ton of pictures. I edited down a bunch and only will be posting a few Jacquelyn took. She took most of the pictures at the actual wedding, so that part of the trip will be sparse photo-wise. Rather than choke your bandwidth to death with all at once, I'll post in batches. Under the cut you'll find the pictures I snapped as we drove toward Colorado. It's some rainy Iowa and a clearer Nebraska, but beautiful nonetheless. The trip was relatively uneventful and about halfway through I started reading The Hunger Games aloud and got so swept up I promptly forgot to take any more pictures until after it was dark.

Enjoy! )

Next time, tune in for the wedding where I'll be wearing fancy duds! Same Jack time, same Jack channel!
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All winter, Jacquelyn and I have been hosting a bi-weekly 80's movie night.  Tonight was The Goonies and in a fortnight, we finish the series with Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.  Today, I got my new wide-angle lens in the mail so I snapped a few pictures.  Enjoy!


Thanks, dear reader!

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While hunting for a CD of last year's Christmas music, Jacquelyn unwittingly uncovered a CD of pictures my Uncle Rick had scanned for me several years ago.  My family were never big on photographs and the few that existed burned up with my mother's apartment when i was very young.  Maybe that's why I'm so photo-obsessed now, who knows.  Anyway, here is a little photographic glimpse into my childhood.

Here I am with my Uncle Rick.  I don't remember where this is at all.  Cedarburg, maybe?

A few more. )


Nov. 2nd, 2008 06:53 pm
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Here's a picture of Jacquelyn, circa age four or five:

More of Jack as Hemingway )


Nov. 1st, 2008 09:04 pm
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I should get some more pictures later, but here's a peek at my Hemingway costume.  This is me turning up the knob on Silvia Plath's oven.

EDIT:  Day one of NaNoWriMo - two hours of writing = 1010 words.  only 48090 to go.

1010 / 50000 words. 2% done!
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Jacquelyn took this picture of Ethan at the corn maze over the weekend.  I futzed with it:

I futzed with myself as well:

A note on the weird: several items of Jacquelyn's clothes have vanished lately.  A hoodie, a shirt, and two pair of yoga pants.  I know some washers & dryers eat socks, but this is silly.


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