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Behold my triumphant return!

I am living in Madison, officially now, not just staying here four nights a week. The internet is up. My computer is on a styling new desk courtesy of [profile] shevus and Affordable Computer Help. I'm a week behind on everyone's LJ posts, and may never catch up.  The bookshelves are painted. The youngest cat, Eris, is in heat, for the first time today. The kitchen is in impeccable order. The bedroom is a seething mass of clothes and luggage.

You could say I'm sort of moved in.

I've also made the switch to first shift. That means after two years of long nights, sleep-deprived days, black curtains and a regular melatonin diet, I have left the Land of Luna. See, here I am outside, on my lunch break, in the daylight!  I may look angry, but I'm just squinting into the sun.  Seriously!  I'm like, totally not upset at being a day person :)

I am now attempting to make the corresponding changes in my behaviour to refelect my new solar schedule. Thus, I should accentuate the more social and alpha aspects of my personality. I should be outgoing and personable. I should shine like a glorious sunrise.

I've noticed that my life works in introspective/extrospective cycles. I feel the last several years have been a very introverted period for me, a time to recollect, to review. Now I must compile it all and express it. As such, I will be writing a lot more. I've gotten many ideas for some fictional pieces. The Jack Shoegazer books are solidifying in my mind, plus I want to complete some short stories and try to get in some magazine publications.

At this point, publication anywhere would be great. Perhaps I can go the Kilgore Trout method and get some bad sci-fi published in beaver mags.

In the meantime, I think you should know that Mexico had a real shit time in the mid 1800s.

They had just won their independence from Spain, and then France, Spain and Britain said, "Hey, now that you're a real county, you can totally pay us back all the money you owe us." Mexico, who was flat broke, not only from the war against Spain, but also because just as they won, the United States declared war on them and stole half their country, said, "Hey guys, chill.  I'll pay you later, ok?  Let me build you a cake or something."

So when Mexico told those three bastard countries that they couldn't pay, Britain, France and Spain all sent troops to kick the last little bit of snot out of Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the triumph of 4,500 Mexican soldiers over a better-equipped French force of 6,500. Pay no attention to the fact that they lost Mexico City right after that when the French, taking no chances this time, sent 30,000 soldiers against the defenders.

Thus, a Frenchman became Emperor of Mexico. And the real kicker, after the U.S. Civil War, we started sending guns and ammo to Mexico to help them depose the French. We are such bastards. So remember that, when you get wasted on Corona, celebrating Cinco de Mayo!
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I'm totally piggybacking one of my neighbor's wireless signals right now. They must be Douglas Adams fans, as the name of the network is deepthought.

The first few days there was no internet signal here, but then day-before-yesterday, poof! there it was. Perfect timing too, since we just got our wireless DSL modem in the mail last night. Oh well, deepthought is slow as Martian molasses anyway.

We're still unpacking, our bedroom is a complete disaster. We pretty much have the kitchen squared away and the living room looks amazing. Pictures would be forthcoming but Jacquelyn's camera decided to go autistic or dyslexic on us, maybe both.

Our new neighborhood is the weirdest ever. It's a very multicultural area of Madison, as we've seen just about every ethnic/racial/genetic variety at one point or another as we've gone out and about. We have several parks and a community garden. The new pool is going up not far from here. There is an old man, who I suspect of being from Guatemala, who wheels a hand-made push cart up and down the streets here, jingling little bells. The kids across the street run out to him and buy ice cream treats.

Yeah, I feel like I live in the Twilight Zone sometimes.

Last night [profile] kiwikat and her husband stayed over. They lost their electricity is a vast tsunami which wiped out parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. We ordered pizza and watched funny shit on the internet. Have you people seen what Stephen Colbert did the other day? Jesus fuck! Balls of steel! Thank you Stephen!

One last note before I leave you, dear reader, first shift is a breeze if one remembers that one is being paid to work and not being paid to watch movies. Though I did get several pages into Jim Morrison's Adventures in the Afterlife by Mick Farren.

Not bad, Mickey, not bad.
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Cleaning, sorting, and packing is my game, Jeremy the Exhausted is my name.

I went through four boxes of my past; mementos and knickknacks, letters and cards from old girlfriends, an insane multitude of aging rave flyers, ancient bills and crinkled tax booklets, these have been disposed of and those things that made the cut, compressed and compiled into a single box. 

This is a spring cleaning - physically, emotionally, spiritually.

In the dumpster near my home, therein lies a forty-to-fifty pound bag of my memories, headed to a landfill near you.

Hundreds of pounds of books lie stacked neatly in cardboard next to my bed. Ethan's books, toys and art supplies are tucked away, anticipating their upcoming journey.

A Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark Lager sits at my desk whispering "relax" into my ear.

I haven't even started on the electronics or decorations. That's for tomorrow, I guess.

For now, I will watch The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, a Woody Allen movie in which an insurance investigator and an efficiency expert who hate each other are both hypnotized by a crooked hypnotist with a jade scorpion into stealing jewels.

I'll let you know how it goes. The movie and the moving.
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I may not support shopping at Wal*Mart, but I have no qualms about accepting free boxes from them. So tomorrow morning I will go to the China-in-America-Cheap-Plastic-Crap-Outpost and collect a large variety of boxes in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

Until then, I'm going to dig my stored bits out of the garage and start going through it all. Ethan has to extricate his toys from Benjamin's (the roommate's son) sometime soon, which I predict will cause much bickering and shouts of "No, that's mine, retard!"

My roommate's cousin is here for the weekend visiting from Chicago. He's brought his kids with him, a boy of six and a girl of eight. They are friendly and well behaved, so it's not been a total terror to have them around. I made scrambled eggs and French toast this morning before they informed me they don't usually eat breakfast. Weird.

According to various meteorologists, it is going to be rain and thunderstorms all afternoon and evening. I had best go close my sunroof.

This place is beautiful. Why aren't I moving there? Oh, I don't even know where it is.

I'm almost finished with The World According to Garp. I think it hit a little too close to home, as Jacqui's on a career track to university teaching and I'm on the path of the writer and stay-at-home dad. IF this book has said anything, it's that lust causes big problems.

This is probably why Crowley placed it on such a high pedestal, under the conditions that you absolutely control and channel it in healthy directions.  Jung even expanded Freud's limited view of libido-as-lust to define libido as the totality of psychic energy.  Garp does his worst work when he's paying attention to his lusts and not his path.  Once this crashes in the most horribly, dramatic way, he begins his best work yet.

I hope I'm over that hump already.  No pun intended.
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I finally have internet access after three days. I think this is the longest I've gone without checking email since the invention of the internet. It was like getting crucified and for three days there was no wireless signal to God. "Internet, why have you forsaken me?!" 

Now I have been reborn and I will now preach a bit before I ascend to the great ISP in the sky.

Or not.

That flyer I did last week has to be redone. They added quite a few more DJs and now I have to rearrange everything and resize it to 6x9 or larger. Somehow I have to find the time to do this over the weekend when I'm supposed to be packing.

Yes, packing.

Because I am moving next weekend, thus this is the only time I have to pack. I have to be completely ready to move in exactly one week.

How did this sneak up on me so fast? And where am I going to get boxes?

The weather is beautiful and I have to pick up Ethan from school and buy some cat food.


Apparently the UW website says I can register for classes and and they are unable to offer me enrollment.

I'm all about balancing opposite polarities, but this is ridiculous.

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Ethan will be getting up in about a half hour.

We're are but a few days into our last month in this house. I will move to Madison by May Day, yet Ethan has another month of school yet, as his last day is June 9th. If all plans work out (knock on wood) I will be working days by then, with weekends off. Ethan will spend weekend with me over the summer, the weeks with his mum. When school starts in the fall, we will switch and he will spend his weeks with me and weekends with her.

It's a big shift.

I'm still waiting to hear from UW-Madison about my enrollment. Other people I know have gotten their acceptance already, so I am prone to worry, but I must remember that I submitted mine at the last possible day, so I will know if I got in or not at the end of the cue.

So much is in the air right now, it's hard to settle down and concentrate on anything. I find myself making icons and watching movies because it's effortless. I want to be working on my Jack Shoegazer novel, but I can't get into that level with my mind constantly fluttering to moving plans and starting school and finances and merging decorating styles.

I just realized I haven't bought a calendar this year. I still have December 2005's picture of an abandoned hair salon hanging on the wall above my computer, reminding me I had off for New Years Eve, but worked on Christmas.

I need to start packing.

Oh, I posted another update in [livejournal.com profile] iconomicon.
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I'm going to sleep now.

Between my odd shifts, our apartment hunting, and the management showing Jacqui's apartment for fall rentals, I haven't gotten to do that much crusing around in SleepyTime DreamLand.

Thankfully, our apartment hunting is over; we signed a lease yesterday. Jacquelyn described it as such:
This has been an exercise in trust, balance, compromise, and values. We settled on a ground floor unit in a large "brick box," the nicest on a small street with other similar-shaped buildings. It's privately owned, and the landlord seems like a really nice guy. In spite of its generic outer appearance, inside it's a steal for the price: parquet hardwood floors, a sunny living room with built-in bookshelves and a working fireplace, lots of character and very clean and new, with a dining area waiting for plenty of dinner parties. There's a fenced in backyard and a communal front porch (the outer appearance gives the general suggestion of a brick plantation home, with lots of large potted plants and creeping vines). All this (two bedrooms) for the low price of $675, including heat, with no extra fee for our cats. This $200 less than our upper limit, and that makes a big difference.

We move May 1st, so Beltane seems a good time to start anew.

I have a bit of a headache too. I should go to sleep.

Ok, fine, I'm going.
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I know it's been a while since you've all seen my beautiful mug, so I thought I'd play the role of generous king and allow you to gaze upon my glorious visage.  Really though, [livejournal.com profile] kiwikat said I was "growing quite a beard and it looks very natural on [me]."  I haven't been trimming it short, so it's gotten quite thick and I've let my hair go long and wild as well.  Metro-Jeremy would say that I've abandoned using "product."

Plus, I was playing around with this tutorial and wanted to see how it looked.  And I needed a new picture for HotOrNot and for MySpace, a site I find myself using only to stay in touch with a few select people.  I wish my friends would just make the LJ switch.  Especially after all the drama with FOX buying MySpace.  The peeps who started MySpace just made $580 million dollars and they still have controlling interest in the company.  Whodathunkit?

Those guys made millions and here I am, all excited because I'm going to get something like $4200 back in taxes.  On the bright side, this means I can pay back everyone who's helped me out this year, plus do some preventative maintenance on my car, and put down a deposit on an apartment for Jacquelyn and I in the spring.  If everything goes right, we should be moving in June, after school lets out.  I'm quite excited about it.  I love my current place, but the Universe tells me more and more that I belong in Madison right now, and I'm starting to agree.

I have not felt at-home in my home as of late. Maybe it has something to do with splitting my time between here and Madison. Maybe I'm just fiending for my own place. My own space. I think I'm tired of sharing a temporary cave. Maybe it's the Cancer in me, but I want to invest in a home.  I want Ethan and I to feel comfortable and stable and everything is better and that home seems more complete when Jacquelyn is there with us. A bit sappy, yes, but hey, I'm a Cancer, I like home.

Anyhoo, without further ado, I present, uh.. me.
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How does one not be self-indulgent?


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