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Figaro went for an adventure this morning. He's been doing a lot better lately - he's on steroids and medicine for his thyroid, on a grain-free diet, and taking vitamin-B supplements. He's still weaker than he was, but he is very alert and active now.

Here's some photographic evidence of his adventure. )
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I used to buy Cosmic Catnip. It was fresh, green and potent. My cats loved it. They do love it. However, when I went to the store yesterday, they didn't carry the Cosmic. Instead I bought a bag of SmartyKat Catnip. It's 100% Certified Organic. It smells like good catnip. It's green, unlike some I've seen. I gave some to my drug-fiend kitties yesterday. ZOMG. They flipped out. Like it was the newest, most potent version of Kitty-Krack. I guess there's something to be said for organic catnip.

My arm hurts. That's an unrelated subject. I think I slept on it wrong.

I'm going to meet Jacquelyn for dinner and a movie before work.

Does anyone know when UW will notify me if I've been accepted or not?
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Ah! Home, sweet home.

I've just gotten home after an extended stay at Jacquelyn's place in Madison. I haven't been home since Tuesday. By not commuting, I saved something like thirty dollars in gas money. Yes, that's the only reason I stayed in Madison. Of course it had nothing to do with Jacquelyn. Geez, you act like I like her and want to spend time with her or something. I don't know where you people get such crazy ideas.

Mostly, I missed my kitties. Who really aren't kitties anymore. Mr. Loki Peepers is four and Princess Eva Meew is three. Of course, my son is ten now. Damn, where does the time go?

Is the Universe, our world, matter, manifestation, are these things inherently evil and something to be escaped from or defeated? Or, does the Universe, etc..., exist for the purpose of expression and therefore not to be escaped from?

In my years of philosophical ponderings and studies, I've never really come across a transcendence of this particular duality. So many religions and spiritual traditions teach that the human soul is trapped in matter and we have to stop various wheels and escape back to our spiritual source, which seems to make manifestation evil. Yet others teach that things exist for the purposes of differentiation and the self-expression of the Universe, which would seem to make escaping from manifestation the metaphysical equivalent of walking out of your job during the dinner rush. How does one simultaneously remove oneself from attachment to existence while embracing it?

I think my laundry is done.


When confronted with an 'either/or' situation that appears unresolveable, choose 'and' instead.


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