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In my previous post I mentioned the flyer I have to do.  Here, my friends, is the first draft.

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I know you've all been waiting in eager anticipation of the preflyer I was commissioned to do.  Don't lie, I can see through your facade of indifference.

I must extend a big thanks to [personal profile] nymphie for the circus font and to the designers of the original Even Furthur flyers for the inspiration.
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Did today even happen?  Was I there?  How is Friday over already?

Let me give you the rundown...

Eight and a half hours of sleep, then six hours of work, then bank errands and phone talking and then Ethan arriving and then dinner having and then Ferris Bueler's Day Off watching and then Power Point playing and then good night saying and now LiveJournal typing.

And then...


My good friend Mitch from Ecstatic Productions and Chris from Outlawed Productions both called me today to ask me if I'd do a pre-flyer and then a large, main-flyer for a Labor Day camp-out rave called Even Closer, a parody/homage to the infamous Drop Bass annual summer camp-out, Even Furthur, the last of which took place in 2001.  Can you say holy-grammatically-correct run-on-sentence, Batman?

Yes, Robin, I can.  "Holy-grammatically-correct run-on-sentence."

Wait, let me get a glass of water.  Hold on a second...  Ok, that's better.  Water is good, dehydration is bad.

Speaking of raves... some of you may have seen this picture before, some may not.  It is of me with my friend Jana at Rave 'Em & Bail-E 3 in July of 1999, at the height of my raving career.  Compare that to this picture which was taken on May 30th of this year.  Almost seven years separate these two snapshots of my life, but you would never guess they were even of the same person.  Hell, compare both of them to this picture from my junior year in high school, way back in ancient 1993, a massive gap of six years before the raver picture.

One might say I like to reinvent myself.
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I finished that post-DEMF flyer in the specified two days.  The All Jacked Up guy never showed up or called with my cash.   I hope I don't have to have someone kick his arse and get his party busted.  I don't do my own arse-kicking.  It's so uncivilized.  I have powerful minions in low places to do such things for me.

I'm an evil genius, a chaotic mastermind.  I shouldn't learn German and I shouldn't scheme.  So says my psychologist.

For those who want to see my exquisite skills in text layout and color selection can see the final versions of the FRONT and the BACK of the flyer for FREQUENCY RESPONSE.  Or if you're going to be at the DEMF and you want a cool after-hours party to go to, you can check out the lineup.  AdamX is going to be there.  He rules.

The house is almost ready for our guests tomorrow.  We still don't have a grill, so we may, just may, have to cook the meats in the oven or something.  First thing in the morning we have to go grocery shopping for a few last minute supplies and then Jacquelyn will be cooking up a storm.  Literally.  She bought clouds and some lightning, but we totally forgot to get thunder, so we need that.  Unless you're deaf, then that ingredient isn't so important.

My anxiety is ebbing a little bit.  See a few of you tomorrow.

Holstein McWebbersmitts, Ph.D.
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Thank you all for voting in my Rave Flyer Domocracy experiment. I have tallied the votes and the winner is The Hiding Face! This too, was my favorite design as well.

However, because this isn't a democracy, the promoters of said rave have gotten the final choice and they really-really liked the Red Record.  Perhaps Jacquelyn was right, The Hiding Face was just too hipster for the ravers.  Plus, they decided that they would name the party All Jacked Up.

I put my dissapointment aside and made the flyer they requested, adding some extra touches, some fun flourishes, and whatnot to appease my personal design gods.  Here is my first draft.  They were still missing some information, so I've got a little to do on it yet, but for the most part, it's done.

Take a peek and tell me what you think.... FRONTBACK


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