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I was looking through my Time Travel Archive here in LJLand and realized I've had my car for a year now.

In that long year, I've had to replace the engine, got ripped off, had to replace the rip-off enging again, got struck by lightning, had to replace the alternator, battery and computer, all new tires, rear brake calipers, all pads and rotors, plus the usual maintenence and upkeep.

And I've still got work to do on it. Oddly, I still love my car.

I must be crazy.
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Around my birthday, I had this dream, which I will copy here...
I dreamt that I was driving a car and my passenger was Aleister Crowley. He was somehow back from the dead and I was filling him in on everything that had happened since his passing in '47. I went to pull out of the cemetery where I'd picked him up, and realized there was no passenger-side tire and I was attempting to drive on 3 wheels.
I had done a lot of pondering what this meant, especially as it pertains to my life and path. Uncle Al has been a large influence on my cosmological thought, he and Jung holding the two main pillars. Today, I was meditating as I drove home and had this revelation.

I was driving Uncle Al in my car. I drive an Infiniti, whose symbol is a triangle in a circle. My goodness, it's sort of like my tattoo.

Also, the year, of my car? Oh, it's a '93, oh Holy Thelemic Number that you are!

Was Uncle Al trying to warn me about my car falling apart? Am I relying one-tire-too-many on Al? Is the status of my car a measuring stick for my path, somehow synchronistically connected? Am I reaching for straws here? Am I babbling incoherently? Am I eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

At least one of those questions are true, I am sure of it.

P.S. Here's an icon for my Thelemic friends :) Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Eris, the wee kitten of chaos, discord and rubber band digesting, is home and doing fine. She spend twenty-four hours at the emergency vet getting IV fluids and being vocal. Apparently at 2am, she was caught chewing on her IV tube so they put on one of those blue funnel collars on her. When they brought her out to us, she looked quite silly with her giant blue ring on her neck and one front arm shaved where they had to insert the IV. She was quite happy to see us and after much freezing while trying to catch a bus way down by Greenway, we are home again.

Wee Princess Fox Face finally pooed out the offending obstruction last night, and has been very playful and happy. She's napping right now, curled in the bottom of a sleeping bag. Even Figaro, Jacqui's six-year-old cat is more receptive to Eris now, though she still hisses at him, while he's trying to be nice. Right now, he's sleeping in the back of the closet while the coveted window seat on the radiator goes unused.

I was supposed to go back to Watertown last night, but I stayed another night to help Jacquelyn out with the kitten until we were sure she was going to be all right. I hitch a ride with my roommate Brian at noon today and I will be back in the Madtown on Tuesday sometime.

My car is still in repair, mostly because I haven't been hassling them about getting it fixed since I don't have the money to pay for it right now anyway. It looks like I'll be leaning on the generosity of friends and the Madison Transit System for a week or two yet.

I don't have money for the Generic Solstice-Derivative Gift Exchange Ritual, so I will only be buying for Ethan this year. The rest of my family are going to get a This-is-how-my-year-went letter. It's old-fashioned and tacky, so I think they'll be completely mystified, which is exactly how I like them. Just when they think they've got me figured out, WHAM! Something completely out of the ordinary, and for me the ordinary is pretty far our to begin with.

P.S. I am totally psyched about the increase of user icons. I will be photoshopping all weekend. Prepare and beware!
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You'll be none too surprised to hear that my car is malfunctioning again, or perhaps you read about it in [livejournal.com profile] antarcticlust's journal, and you're even less surprised. Either way, it's true. And this time, the repair facility is saying that it's the computer.

And how much does my car's computer cost? Not including labor, (which they assured me would be minimal), the part alone is $831.66.


However, because I am amazing, but more accurately, because I know amazing people and am resourceful, I managed to find a used one in good condition for the much-more-manageable price of $125 dollaroonies.

Whew, I was about to have a funking coniption fit. Is that how you spell that? C O N I P T I O N? Hmmm.. Let's find out, shall we...
con·nip·tion n. A fit of violent emotion, such as anger or panic. Also called conniption fit.
So there you have it, folks, it's c o n n i p t i o n. I stand corrected.

Plus, I've been a complete crab-ass (I would say fucking asshole) for the past two days or so, which means those I've been spending time with, particularly Jacquelyn, have had a hell of a time. When I get like that, I bark away any comfort, then wallow and stew in my anger. Intuitively, I know everything will work out, in a Jedi-like "another solution will present itself" manner, I know everything will be fine, but it's like I have to also do the despondent, everything-sucks-omfg-someone-effing-kill-me routine.

With that, I will take my leave and play some more Civilization while I do more laundry, which is increasingly becoming what I do when I'm home.

P.S. Any other LOST addicts reading this journal who want to banter theories? I'm currently in favor of electro-magnetic hallucinations.
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I'm sitting in the downtown Madison Public Library, using a large and bouncy keyboard on a monitor with a resolution big enough for Helen Keller to read. I think I could read what I'm typing here from my house in Watertown.

For some reason I can't fathom, I've agreed to come into work on my day off, but only for a few hours. This means I'll be in Madison from this past Tuesday night until Monday morning. These excursions are getting longer and longer and I can only imagine where they'll lead.

Part of the reason I stayed in Madison is because my front tire decided that it should take after my father and most of my uncles and develop male-pattern balding, leaving hairs a.k.a. thick strands of tire, trailing behind my car. So off to the repair shop I go. If you're ever in the Madison area, go to Broadway Tire on Broadway in Monona. I just got 2 used tires, in quite good condition, installed, balanced, mounted and all that jazz, for $57.00. They're seriously the best EVAR! Seriously.

I'm fighting off a case of the sniffles and everyone seems to be sick right now. I got two parking tickets in two days and my best friend isn't talking to me for reasons I can't begin to fathom or at least, he won't tell me. One would think that this crap would bring me down, but nooooo, I feel great, an in a great mood, so bad luck be damned. Curse nor hex will have effect on me, for my mighty energy repels all attacks.

And with that silly metaphysical note, I will leave you, but first, I must shew you something. Now, is it my imagination, or is this McDonald's ad from the 70's a little on the politically-incorrect side? Maybe it's just me, but this seems sort of.. wrong...

When you're looking for a different place to have dinner, check out McDonald's. You don't have to get dressed up, there's no tipping and kids love it.



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