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I'm not going to do any end of the year memes this time around.  I didn't record my book reading for the fall because I pretty much only read journal articles about paleoanthropology and Shakespeare.  Jacquelyn read me A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which was really good.  The Lost City of Z was a great read.  I re-read The Corrections which is just a good if not better than the first reading.  

I completed a year of school.  I'm doing pretty well.  This last semester was two A's and two B's.  I wrote several poems and a short story for my writing workshop of which I'm fairly proud.

Ethan decided to move in with his mom, which sucks a big one.  Under the assumption that a new setting would give him a fresh start.  Which it hasn't.  And that sucks even more.  He's still funny and smart and charming.  He just doesn't do homework and fails his classes.  he's recently gotten interested in going to culinary school, so here's to hoping that having an interest turns him around?

Don't forget: I got married, which is kind of the highlight of the year.  That weekend was amazing.  It was everything I wanted it to be, was as powerful and meaningful as I wanted it to be.  Pure awesome.  Magickally imprinted a spot of space-time.

Perhaps I could get more excited about this last year, but I'm nursing a headache and there's people on the way over to get drink and play games.  Half of me is stuck in bodily-pain and the other half is miles above, looking down, looking out over the far horizon, at the path already forged and the path ahead.
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