Oct. 22nd, 2011

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Today, I had a nice conversation with a British anthropologist.  We mostly talked about how odd it is that more people in England aren't religious at all and churches are weird places for old people, and yet in America religion has thrived and some ridiculous percentage of people, even higher than in Revolutionary times, believe in God.  We also discussed some people's amazing abilities to simultaneously consider the religious beliefs of other cultures, past and present, to be quaint superstitions while not applying that same standard to their own chosen form of religion.

A different passenger, an old retired woman who used to work for the university, who was going to pay her cable bill, told me about a little restaurant in the Italian neighborhood called The Three Sisters (one of whom shortly died.)  When this woman first moved to Madison in her 30's, she tried to go there for dinner once, but they refused to serve and "unaccompanied woman."  And later, she went back with her little white-haired mother, sure they would serve her this time, yet they still refused to serve women alone.  She assured me she was no spring chicken and even when she was, she was no one a man would try to pick up in a restaurant.

She also told me that her husband died four years ago.  She turned off the internet because they only used it for his business.  She never drove so she still doesn't.  Her husband owns a Prius, but it's just been sitting in the driveway all this time.  She doesn't even know where the keys are.  I think it's because she doesn't realize that a Prius doesn't have a normal-looking key.  But she's happy, because walking and busing gets her out more.  She'd rather walk eight blocks to catch a bus she knows is coming rather than find a new bus closer to her house.

I picked up an early-twentysomething man at his house on the far-west end of Madison.  He was going downtown to pick up his car because he'd gotten too drunk to drive and left his car behind.  We driving for about three blocks when he said, "Shit, pull over!  That's my car!"  What?  "That's my car, stop!" And he got out and apologized and gave me ten bucks for my trouble.  So, yes, dear readers, he likely drove most of the way home drunk and didn't even remember doing it.

Such is the life of a taxi driver.
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Two of my digital art pieces are now available at RedBubble as iPhone cases.


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This could be a very exciting development.


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