Oct. 16th, 2011

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I ran my first 5K today as a fundraiser for GSAFE, who work to make schools safe and end bullying for LGBTQ students. They are awesome and do good work. I got a cramp in my leg into the first mile and had to run/walk the last two, but I still did it in 38 minutes. Once I got off the cement and ran on the ground next to the road, I was fine.

Here's my team.
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For my writing workshop, we were told to write a bad poem.  Since I am not a fan of structured poetry and especially not fond of sonnets, I decided to try and write a sonnet about love.

Sonnet on the Theme of Ice

Your lips are cold like something made of ice,
And when I push back, your lips freeze to mine,
And my heart thinks that’s not so very nice,
It beats alone, like me, tonight, with wine.

I am stymied and corrupt but I think,
That your love could rub and butter me up,
But alas, my tears fell in the mixed drink,
And you drank from my sorry martini cup.

So now I’m drunk and I remember you,
And how I kissed you years after you died,
But listen closely, don’t you misconstrue,
My soul was never so drunk as my pride.

Like ice to keep the vodka freezing cold,
Your lips were warmer than my heart’s black gold.

I actually kind of like it, sadly.


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