Sep. 26th, 2011

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With less than a week to go until my ten-to-twenty page short story is due, I have yet to settle on an idea, let alone begin writing.

Yesterday, I spent five hours giving most of the apartment its first real top-to-bottom cleansing since before the wedding.  I have so missed a clean house.  I have also missed being able to have guests over since the house had been pretty much been overtaken by wedding prep craft projects and other general hayhem.

On a side note: It is entirely possible that I am the only person who actually enjoy going to the dentist.  My brain equates dental health with mental health.  Maybe it's from meeting so many crazy people with terrible teeth?

This weekend I am going to attend a retreat with Jacquelyn's lab.  It's a lab members and family kind of thing at a beautiful lake in the middle of nowhere.  Okay, I don't actually have any idea where it is.  Somewhere up north in the great wilds of Wisconsin.  I agreed to go as long as I was guaranteed time to get my short story written.

Which means, I have this week to get all of my work done ahead of time, so I only have to concentrate on writing my story over the weekend.

The high from the wedding is wearing off and, as I thought, there is definitely something oddly different.  Some things can not be put into words.

Maybe I'll finally write that story about the Illiterati, who believe that the written word has been the downfall of mankind, who actively work to destroy all written words, from books to gravestones to road signs.  They're a fun idea, but they're not a plot.

"As I drove to work this morning, the lettering on all the stop signs were painted over. Just red octagons directing traffic."

In other news: I might go as Papa Smurf for Halloween.


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