Aug. 30th, 2011

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Banana split cupcake.  Yah.  The cupcakery here is pretty awesome.

All crafting for the wedding is done.  We need to finalize the music and stop having people change their minds on whether they're coming or not.  I'm thinking of going to see a movie today.  Super8 is playing at the cheapy second-run theatre and I missed it the first time around.

I don't think I'm trimming my beard much shorter than it is now.  Clean it up a bit.  I went back and looked at some pictures from a few years ago and was kind of shocked at how bad I looked with the super-short beard.  I've also lost a lot of weight, or rather, converted a bunch of fat to muscle, since I've only lost like four pounds.

I'm having some confidence issues in the lead-up to starting creative writing this semester.  To bolster myself, I re-read my letter of reccomendation in which my previous instructor basically said I was the best writer she's ever had in her classes.  But she teaches at community college, so, uh, yeah, there's that context.

Fucking hell, I'm getting married this coming weekend.

In other news, I changed deoderants.  I'm trying Old Spice: Denali.  It smells like wilderness, open air, and freedom.  Or at least that's what the label says.  I hope it jives with my Bulgari Aqua.


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