Jul. 15th, 2011

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Yesterday was my birthday. I am thirty-four years old. Somehow, that seems so much older than thirty-three. A friend on Facebook made a joking comment, "Happy Birthday! What are you like 50 now?" And it actually caught me off guard because, shit, that's only sixteen years away.

I lost a good friend this week. Really, this friend was lost a while ago, but it was really official this week. Like stray cats, if you stop feeding them, they will wander away. But you have to wonder: do stray cats ever bother to contemplate why they stopped being fed? At least my books were returned first.

This week, I read Game Change which was about the 2008 presidential election here in the U.S. The information and insider's view of everything that happened was awesome. The writing sucked a bag of dicks. Journalists, please stop writing books. Your lack of vocabulary and schizophrenic use of a thesaurus is annoying. Also, did you really have to wedge in the term "game change" into the book as much as you did? Really? Because this is what it felt like:

Jacquelyn's grandfather's birthday is the same as mine. He turned 100 yesterday. I guess I'm marrying into long-lived stock.

My birthday dinner last night was great. Most of my favorite people in Madison were there. Which was like eight people. So, I'm picky. I have refined tastes. Since some of the people had not met before, Jacquelyn had the idea of going around the circle and everyone introduced themselves and then said something they like about me. Which had the potential to be cheesy as hell, but turned out kind of awesome. Apparently people like me for my well-manicured beard, my graphic design skills, my photography, my willingness to hang out with people when they're drunk, because I'm an okay guy, and a few other reasons. I think my favorites were the two that I didn't expect to hear - 1) my excellent fashion sense (which I didn't know I had) and 2) "knows more about books than anyone I know, and I hang out with English teachers." Which is odd because I don't think of myself as being all that well read.

When things suck, it's awfully nice to hear nice things about yourself. We all focus so much on our negatives, it's easy to forget the good. At least for me.


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