Mar. 4th, 2011

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Right now, it's hard to believe this is the same state that produced Bob LaFollette.

For some reason, I enjoy civic duties, like voting. I also get a kick out of filing my taxes, which I just did on Monday. I suppose I might like it less if I made more money and didn't get a refund. As it stands, I usually get more back than I pay in because I'm a poor student with a dependent child. However, I like to think that if I was paying in more than I got back, I would take pride in knowing I was helping to finance public schools and libraries and police and fire departments. I will continue to pretend that somehow my tax money doesn't fund military projects outside of our borders.

In brighter news, I somehow managed to get an A on my logic exam and an AB on my archaeology exam. Don't ask about the French test I took right after a week with the flu. Let's just say it's good news that one exam grade gets dropped.

The wedding planning continues. We have a photographer and a cupcakery now. It's exactly six months away, yesterday. I need to make an appointment to get fitted for a suit very soon. Which will need to be re-done before the wedding anyway, since by September, I will have lost my usual twenty pounds from bicycling all summer.

Oh, and did you know that Canada has a law against lying on the news? This law has kept FOX "News"y things out of their media. Why the funk do we not have that law in the good 'ol U.S.A.?!


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