Mar. 2nd, 2011

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I took my first logic exam today and didn't do so well. Not ridiculously terrible, but man, this is hard. I mean, I can't believe I didn't think to use disjunctive addition so I could perform a modus ponens using lines 5 and 7. I know, right! Fucking reductio ad absurdum!

I have a lit midterm tomorrow, three short essays and one looooong essay. I should be reading for that now, but I can't get my head in it.

I've got another French test on Monday, which means a lot of French homework over the weekend. In a couple hours, I'm meeting some students from my French class to write a skit that will be performed next week. More time memorizing.

And thank whoever is in charge up there, because the week after that is spring break. I plan to do not a god-damned thing. Except review all of my first semester French, because somehow that got away from me and I'm barely treading water this semester.

Besides all of that, our governor (on top of his horrendous union-killing "budget repair" bill) just released his biennium budget and it's the apocalypse of bills. It cuts school funding by almost a billion dollars and caps property taxes so municipalities can't raise the money other ways. It does away with recycling mandates, defunds the arts, fires a ton of people, guts health care programs and anything to do with reproductive health. And somehow manages to work in more corporate tax cuts and creates a quasi-public-private corporation for "economic development" with a $100 million/year budget.

Of course, everyone is further outraged by this, but you'd never know it because major media has abandoned Wisconsin, barely even covering the 100,000+ people protesting at the Capitol Saturday. Polls are showing that if the electorate had known about his plans during the election (which he didn't campaign on) they never would have voted for him.

My hope in all this is that maybe, just maybe, this has awoken a political awareness in some people, and we don't all just go back to sleep after this is over.


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