Jan. 29th, 2011

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I just woke up from this long and involved dream where I (and faceless others) broke into a Russian prison camp and rescued a bunch of people, who were apparently Americans, judging their accents.  Many of them had been there most of their lives and there were a lot of them, so it was like a mini-community there.One of them was this guy who was a prostitute, but after the rescue, fell in love with my friend Jana.  There were a bunch of orphanage kids, who my sister Candice took in.  There was this one girl who we got accepted to a Vassar-like school.  The extra weird part was that there was this sort of side dream going on most of the time which was part-news show, part-Congressional hearing, where they were discussing the cause of 9-11, new troubling evidence of a conspiracy, et cetera, and it occurs to me that the people we rescued were a bunch of the people who supposedly died in 9-11, but were really taken to these prison camps.


Jan. 29th, 2011 02:20 pm
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Ethan is spending the afternoon with his girlfriend.  She's a year younger than him, but they like a lot of the same bands, writers, and artists.  She's a very talented painter, from what I've seen, and is a much better influence on him than his previous girlfriend, who was always convincing him to skip class so they could go make out.

Jacquelyn is in Milwaukee, taking a couple of her bridesmaids to lunch and dress shopping.  I am home alone and I should probably be doing some reading for lit and French homework, I'm not quite feeling up to it.  I should follow Ben Franklin's advice about how labor affords more comfort than laziness, but I'm not jiving with that right now.

I was up for an extra couple of hours last night, just sitting in bed, trying to sleep, but mostly just stressing out about school.  My logic class is significantly more difficult than last semester.  I'm having a difficult enough time remembering my French from last semester, let alone remembering what I'm learning this semester.  Maybe I should spend my afternoon watching French movies.

TTBOOK had a show not too long about about procrastination.  Some experts (how you get to be an expert on procrastination, I have no idea) say that it is a horrible time thief.  Some say that in the long run, it is a good thing, and responsible for good mental health in the face of stress.  One guy said it had a lot to do with getting your second-order desires (what you want to want to do) in line with your first-order desires (what you want to do.)  So I want to want to do my homework, but I don't want to do my homework, so I am procrastinating.

Apparently getting these orders in line is what gives us integrity.  Fuck.


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