Jan. 23rd, 2011

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So, first I find out that our universe is going to run out of time in about five billion years.  And then, it turns out that the very structure of our universe is being acted upon by the gravity from something outside of the universe.  But wait, there's more!  Our universe may only be one universe inside of a black hole inside another universe inside of anther black hole and so on like Russian nesting dolls.

A long, long time ago, I joked that God didn't create the Universe in seven days, He just made the Earth.  And when humans figured out how to get off of Earth, He quickly made up something.  Space.  And he made it so unbelievable huge that it would take us forever (if ever) to further explore that.  So He's got plenty of time to figure out the rest of creation.  But then we go and develop Hubble and other crazy technologies that allow us to see and measure further than God had even thought to make up.  So now, he has to make up even more shit.  And it's like God is this stoned teenager, "Like, man, what if, like, our universe, is like just one of many universes, like a multiverse, yeah, and like there's an infinite number of them so like any possibility is like a whole universe, and everything is happening for ever and ever for ever everywhere.  In a black hole.  Yeah."

What all of this tells me is that 1) I can always go into physics and just make some shit up and 2) we still have no clue as to how the universe is structured, where it came from, why it's here, where it's going, and whether it wears boxers or briefs.

What else I don't understand is how, if you're religiously inclined, you can't look at what amazing sights and insights that science has shown us, and not see your God's handiwork shining through the whole amazing conundrum.  I've just never understood the anti-scientific religious people, I guess.  When I read about astronomy and physics and evolution and quantum mechanics and look out into the night sky, I am as humbled as any pilgrim who crested a dusty hill and found himself staring into the face of God.


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